Health Alliance for the Uninsured
Health Alliance for the Uninsured

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HAU is administering a new grant from Mercy Caritas that is providing diabetic eye exams and treatments for eligible patients of HAU safety-net clinic partners. Diabetes is the leading cause of adult blindness and HAU is grateful to have the opportunity to improve access to vision care!



In the recent "Pump Up Your Profile" contest for organizations with GiveSmartOKC profiles, the Health Alliance was selected as the Most Informative Profile for organizations with a budget less than $1 million!

Gayle Farley presented a check for $500 given by the DonorEdge OKC Fund.
GiveSmartOKC provides vital information for donors wanting to support organizations that are well-governed, well-managed, and are providing vital services. HAU appreciates the recognition and the visibility provided through our profile at GiveSmartOKC.


A Message from the Executive Director

HAU's Board President, Stanley F. Hupfeld, author of "Political Malpractice – How Politicians Made a Mess of Health Reform," is a regular contributor to The Journal Record. In his July 30, 2014 column on Health Care, he writes "One of the pillars of the Affordable Care Act was the expansion in each state of its Medicaid program......It is interesting in that for the most part these twenty-four states (that have failed to expand Medicaid) have generally poorer health statistics than the twenty-six who accepted the expansion. In other words, these states that have declined to cover more of their citizens generally have a population in greater need of the coverage."

The lack of Medicaid expansion in Oklahoma means that thousands of Oklahomans are caught in a low-income category that means they earn too much to qualify for Oklahoma's meager Medicaid coverage for adults, yet their income is too low to qualify for health insurance premium assistance. HAU and its safety-net clinic partners are stretched beyond capacity to try to help with their health care needs.

During 1990-1993, I was a graduate student in the OU College of Public Health. Health care reform was on the national agenda. Professors assigned students the task of designing a system of universal health care. My design featured Medicaid expansion. My inspiration was an in-depth article in the Wall Street Journal that supported this approach.

Over twenty years later, Oklahoma has made health care for low-income, uninsured persons a political football; and as seems to happen too often, those without a voice suffer the most.

Pam Cross-Cupit, MPH
Executive Director


Our Friends and Neighbors are Uninsured

Oklahoma faces a health crisis – 17% of the state population is uninsured. In Oklahoma County, 23% or almost 1 in 4 persons is uninsured.* The majority of these individuals are 19-64 years of age and are working, but their employment does not include health insurance. Being uninsured is a huge barrier to accessing the health services needed to be healthy. Lack of access to quality healthcare impacts more than the uninsured individual – it impacts families, employers, and the community.

*For more in-depth research & statistics, see


R. Murali Krishna, MD, Community Service Award

The Board initiated the R. Murali Krishna, M.D. Award for Community Service in collaboration with the OU College of Medicine.  The Health Alliance for the Uninsured presents the award during the Bridges to Access conference, an event coordinated by the OU Community Health Alliance. Students, faculty and safety net clinic personnel nominate fourth year medical students that exemplify tremendous compassion, dedication and skills.  All students nominated for the award receive a framed certificate.

     List of winners by year

        2013-Katherine Shoush and Bonnie Cassidy
        2012-Brandon Geister
        2011-Michael Porteer


Health Alliance for the Uninsured now has a profile on GiveSmartOKC. GiveSmartOKC is a powerful gateway to comprehensive information about charitable organizations in central Oklahoma. GiveSmartOKC is administered by the Oklahoma City Community Foundation and is powered by GuideStar. In each profile, you will find vital facts about nonprofit organizations that can help you make decisions about where to volunteer your time, make a gift or learn more about community issues. Click the link below to view HAU's profile.

HAU Profile at GiveSmartOKC

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Our Mission

The Health Alliance for the Uninsured is a catalyst for improved health care services for those who otherwise would be unable to obtain them.

Our Vision

The Health Alliance for the Uninsured is to be a highly effective community organization that facilitates quality preventive and health care services to the medically underserved of Central Oklahoma.

  1. Increase physician visibility and participation
  2. Develop a fully integrated system of care, including clinics, hospitals, private providers with a connected data system/exchange
  3. Increase quality outcomes
  4. Raise awareness and understanding of the Health Alliance for the Uninsured in the community to increase financial support and partner participation